Friday, 10 December 2010

Get Well Soon, Abbey!


Abbey Lee Kershaw falls off her bike
Abbey Lee Kershaw is recovering from a "cycling accident" her New York agency has confirmed. “She is fine now” is all Next director Stephen Lee would tell frockwriter when we contacted him this morning, following days of rumours on online model fan sites. Lee provided no other details and nor could Kershaw's Sydney mother agency Chic Management, for whom the accident appeared to be news when we called. Good to hear that she is OK. Bike accidents can be nasty - especially if you are not wearing a helmet (no idea whether this applies here). But it does most likely explain why Kershaw, one of Chanel's current season advertising faces, was a no-show at the brand's Pre-Fall presentation in Paris on Tuesday. Australia was repped at the show instead by Priscillas' upwardly mobile Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Lauren Brown, the second Chanel show in three months for both models, following the Spring/Summer 2011 season in Paris. The accident does not, however, explain why Kershaw missed out on walking last month's Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, after two consecutive years in the show. She attended castings but just was not cast in the end, say our sources.


  1. i think ever since she changed her hair color she has been getting booked a lot less :/

  2. i just stumbled upon this! i love abbey! this is amazing!
    hope she gets well soon!!!

  3. I'm glad I found your blog!!!! I loveee abbey lee!!!!! My sister and I met her in new-york last year! Shes lovely!!!!